Work Experience

Arundal Astronautics intends to provide valuable Work Experience opportunities to secondary school students (and above) in collaboration with The Industrial Cadets – an  organisation that works with companies to provide nationally recognised certificates and awards for participating students.

At this time of writing, the delivery of the Work Experience program is being developed and is currently taking the following form:

  • Students will work in teams (potentially with students from other schools) to reflect a typical engineering environment
  • A simulated spacecraft mission will be proposed and will include teaching elements to introduce students to fundamental concepts.  These concepts will utilise mathematics, science, geography and more!
  • Each stage of the mission will then be designed by the students in sections
  • By the end of the work experience time frame, the work experience team will have developed a Mission Proposal.  An opportunity to deliver this proposal to the students school or local technology conference will be organised and provide an opportunity to network with industry and meet potential future employers!

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