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Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation (Understanding Aviation)

This book and is useful to anyone interested in aviation or those looking to complete a Pilots License.  It is also useful as an engineer as it gives an insight into how navigators and pilots plan their flights.  The text itself is very easy to read without too many heavy equations and the start of the book is a useful introduction in how to “visualise” problems such as orientation, etc.

Understanding Flight

Another well written book without the heavy mathematics but still has the weight and descriptive style of a higher education science book.   Individuals interested in flight and want to learn about it without heavy mathematics will find the explanations easy to follow.

Aircraft Structures and Systems

This book is an excellent “introductory” text for aircraft engineers as it discusses a broad range of aircraft structural elements (wings, fuselage, flight controls etc) before finalising  with some of of the avionics and weapon systems for military aircraft and cockpit elements.  Minimal mathematics used throughout with numerous clear diagrams that can be referenced for your own studies.

Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems

This book provides a greater appreciation of the avionic systems involved in aircraft.  It also reads and feels very much like an electronics book in that it covers logic and data bus configurations. Safety considerations, such as the effect of static and weather are also discussed as well as their effect on avionics.

Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems

This book discusses topics such as VHF/HF communications, ILS (instrument landing system) and air collision systems to name a few.  Very clear diagrams and descriptions into how these systems operate, without heavy mathematics involved (except perhaps trigonometry for flight angles, etc.)#

Grumman X-29 Kindle Book

One of the most interesting books I own (paperback version), this Kindle version is cheap and contains the same material.

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