“Spacecraft Building Spacecraft…In Space!”

The research arm of Arundal Astronautics Ltd focuses in the field of On-Orbit Manufacturing (OOM), which is part of the wider On Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM) area of spacecraft engineering.

An OOM / OSAM facility could be thought of as an orbiting “factory” that manufactures spacecraft infrastructure (from struts, truss assemblies and shells / membranes, etc) and could revolutionise the way space is used and enable new space mission concepts.

The purpose of this broad area of research is to explore:

  • How terrestrial manufacturing techniques and processes could be applied in the space environment
  • Material logistics (i.e. movement through a system and also potential material sources)
  • Opportunities for recycling – both Earth based waste and spacecraft debris salvaging
  • Space mining on other planetary bodies and asteroids
  • Product design for infrastructure (i.e. struts, trusses and shells) and how that would impact on an OOM facility
  • Blue Sky concepts for OOM/OSAM, such as Interstellar flight and lunar / planetary colonies
  • How to validate an OOM product (non-destructive testing in space for example)
  • Potential mission concepts for manufacturing business models
  • Advanced space robotics and autonomous capability
  • Contribute knowledge towards a technology demonstrator to conduct experiments (i.e. manufacturing technique / automation etc)

You can keep up to date with the research by following Arundal Astronautics on YouTube.

Other Organisations working on OSAM / OOM Capability:

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CisLunar Industries

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MAXAR – Robotics and Servicing in Space

Nanoracks Outpost & Debris Repurposing


Tethers Unlimited In Space Services
NASA – On Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM)

Project RegoLight

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