Servicing, Assembly and Manufacture In Space Article Archive

Servicing, Assembly and Manufacture in Space (OOM/OOS/OSAM/IOSM) Article Archives

A collection of spacecraft servicing, assembly and manufacture related articles and developments (come and visit regularly for updates!)

October 2021

Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and Lockheed Martin Teaming to Develop Commercial Space Station

August 2021

Lockheed Martin takes aim at satellite servicing market

Redwire to Demonstrate In-Space Additive Manufacturing for Lunar Surface on the International Space Station

July 2021

Space start-up Varda to build in-orbit factories

Catalyst Accelerator for #OSAM Pitch Videos

Competing companies developing payload to make air from moondust

OSAM Companies Make It To Space

Space Forge Raises Seed Round

May 2021

Benchmark Space Systems and Starfish Space team up to advance orbital docking and refuelling

OSAM-1 Passes Accommodation CDR, Propulsion System Module Complete

April 2021

Kleos Space develops tool for in-space manufacturing of large structures

Nine Companies Join The Catalyst Accelerator’s On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, And Manufacturing Cohort

Exolaunch entering orbital debris market with eco-friendly space tugs

MEV-2 servicer successfully docks to live Intelsat satellite

NASA Funds 36 Space 3D Printing Projects—Here Are the 15 Most Exciting

ESA invites ideas to open up in-orbit servicing market

UK Space Command Officially Formed 1st April 2021

March 2021

Satellite Servicing, 3D printing and public outreach

Sustainable space manufacturing and design will help get us to the Moon, Mars, and beyond

NASA Partners with Altius, Honeybee & OrbitFab to Test Satellite Fixtures for Robotic Grappling

Airbus pioneers first satellite factory in space

Exciting Opportunities in Space Technology Await Canadian Engineers

February 2021

NASA Awards Firefly Aerospace $93.3M to Deliver Suite of Payloads to the Moon in 2023

Orbit Fab + Benchmark Space Systems Team Up For In-Space, High-Test, Peroxide-based Refueling, Servicing Infrastructure

Orbital Construction: DARPA Pursues Plan for Robust Manufacturing in Space

November 2020

A Robotic Space Station for the 2020s

The Plan to Turn Scrapped Rockets Into Space Stations

ESA engineers assess Moon Village habitat

September 2020

Made in Space: Harnessing the Microgravity Environment for Space Enabled Materials

Made In Space to send first Ceramic Manufacturing Facility to the International Space Station

March 2020

Servicing satellites in orbit is now a thing

January 2020

The in-Space Assembled Telescope

Maxar wins $142 million NASA robotics mission

October 2019

Made In Space to launch commercial recycler to space station

Nanoracks Announces In-Space Outpost Demonstration

July 2019

NASA in-Space Assembled Telescope (iSAT) Study

June 2019

Tethers Unlimited Aims to Put SPIDERs on Mars

May 2019

Tethers Unlimited developing satellite servicer for LEO missions

March 2019

Additive Manufacturing Facility: 3D Printing The Future in Space

August 2018

The robotic space station

December 2017

Tethers Unlimited expands to fulfill additive manufacturing orders

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