Workshop Terms and Conditions

Arundal Astronautics STEM Workshop Contract (16th March 2017)

Membership will apply with immediate effect and covers the following:

  • A monthly fee will cover membership to the workshop. Services included are:
    • Unlimited access to regular E-Books / resources written by Arundal Astronautics (exploring spacecraft engineering and space science)
    • Site / School Visits
    • Career Days, CV feedback & Assistance
    • Networking
    • Access to events and interactive workshops
    • Access to webinars
    • Competitions
  • Additional services, such as individual tutoring are not included in the membership price.
  • No further charges will be made to the member or organisation in respect to travel, accommodation or equipment as the membership fee includes these aspects.
  • Members are welcome to make use of the content of the Arundal Astronautics Workshop as they wish, except for cases of profiteering or selling the information to third parties.
  • Members may terminate their membership at any time, with 5 working days’ notice given in writing.
  • The content of the Arundal Astronautics workshop endeavours to maintain, update and create content regularly, but without a fixed time limit.
  • Personal information about individual members of the Arundal Astronautics workshop will not be publicly shared unless consent is given in writing.
    • In terms of events and site visits, any photographs taken will be with the expressed consent of all concerned.
    • Photographs will only be displayed on the Arundal Astronautics website with the full consent of all concerned.
  • For members that are academic / company in nature, permission will be requested (in writing) before any logos or website links are created in the “Business Members” list of the Arundal Astronautics Workshop.
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