“Spacecraft Building Spacecraft…In Space!”

The research arm of Arundal Astronautics Ltd focuses in the field of On-Orbit Manufacturing (OOM), which is part of the wider On Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM) area of spacecraft engineering.

An OOM / OSAM facility could be thought of as an orbiting “factory” that manufactures spacecraft infrastructure (from struts, truss assemblies and shells / membranes, etc) and could revolutionise the way space is used and enable new space mission concepts.

The purpose of this broad area of research is to explore:

  • How terrestrial manufacturing techniques and processes could be applied in the space environment
  • Material logistics (i.e. movement through a system and also potential material sources)
  • Opportunities for recycling – both Earth based waste and spacecraft debris salvaging
  • Space mining on other planetary bodies and asteroids
  • Product design for infrastructure (i.e. struts, trusses and shells) and how that would impact on an OOM facility
  • Blue Sky concepts for OOM/OSAM, such as Interstellar flight and planetary colonies
  • How to validate an OOM product (non-destructive testing in space for example)
  • Potential mission concepts for manufacturing business models
  • Advanced space robotics and autonomous capability
  • Contribute knowledge towards a technology demonstrator to conduct experiments (i.e. manufacturing technique / automation etc)

Looking forward, a technology demonstrator mission would be an important stepping stone towards On-Orbit Manufacture and has far reaching implications.  Collaborative companies and organisations interested in developing such a mission are welcome to get in touch and discuss future partnerships.

You can keep up to date with the research by following Arundal Astronautics on YouTube.

Other Organisations working on OSAM / OOM Capability:

NASA – On Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM)

FAIR-SPACE (Future AI and Robotics for Space) Hub

Tethers Unlimited In Space Services

MAXAR – Robotics and Servicing in Space

Made In Space

Nanoracks Outpost & Debris Repurposing

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